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Civil Litigation

We at Saints have considerable experience across a wide range of court work. We understand that court procedure and terminology are unfamiliar to most people and legal disputes are not something which clients will come across often in their daily lives.

Unfortunately, sometimes such disputes cannot be avoided and when this occurs we work with our clients to resolve problems quickly and effectively. We appreciate that private disputes, unlike problems arising in business, can be stressful and can occur at times when extra help is needed.

We accept that costs are a concern and we provide our clients with details of all likely costs from the outset and work with our clients to ensure that the most cost-effective result is achieved. Our use of case management software allows us to monitor each case and to allocate resources in manner appropriate to your budget.

With the change in the Court rules that came into effect in April 1999, procedures have been put in place which mean that a case has to be fully investigated before an action is begun in Court. In addition, the use of mediation and alternative dispute resolution means that it is no longer certain that a case will end in Court.

Under these new rules, we pride ourselves on being able to offer an objective assessment of your problems; to look at the costs of bringing an action and to decide if, on a commercial basis, it is worthwhile. In other words, we give you all the 'pros and cons' so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not to go ahead.

Civil Litigation
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