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Family Law - Informal separation

Divorce is not always the best solution where a relationship seems to have failed. In some circumstances a period of separation can provide the parties space and an opportunity to reflect. Also this opportunity can be used as a platform to make long term decisions, for example regarding the viability of reconciliation or the logistics in moving towards a permanent separate life.

Informal separation can mean living separately - either in separate properties or separately in the same house. Such separation does not usually involve court proceedings. Arrangements can be made on both a short and long term basis in respect of the children, money and property.

We will advise you on the merits of this option and we can assist you in any discussions with your partner to try and achieve an agreement for the future. If you are able to agree arrangements for the children, no formal court proceedings or orders will be necessary. Saints Solicitors can negotiate and prepare these documents to help you resolve both short term and long term money and property concerns.

Family Law  
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