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Wills and Probate - Wills

We are also experts in dealing with the disputes that can arise in relation to Wills, trusts and estates and often act for individuals or their families where the participation of the Court of Protection is necessary.

There are good and practical reasons why everyone should make a Will; it is relatively easy and inexpensive and is the only way you can be sure that your estate passes to those you wish to benefit.

Aside from dealing with the issue of who is to benefit, a Will gives you the additional peace of mind that those you leave behind are clear of your intentions, making it easier for them to deal with your affairs.

10 Important Points to Remember

1. Making a Will is the only way to ensure your property and possessions will go where you want after your death.

2. If you die without making a Will, your belongings will not necessarily go to your wife or husband. The Law decides how much should go to each of your relatives.

3. If you die without making a Will and have no family, everything goes to the Government.

4. A Will is essential to provide properly for young children in the event of both parents dying.

5. You and your partner should each have your own separate Will.

6. If you have married, separated, divorced or remarried since you made your Will, it is essential to make a new Will.

7. When you marry, any Will you may have already made is normally null and void.

8. Once you have made your Will, you should look at it every year to make sure it still fits your wishes and circumstances.

9. You should seek professional advice when you make or change your Will. Home made Wills may be incorrectly drawn up and executed and so may not stand up in Law.

10. You can reduce the tax your Estate will suffer by careful drafting of the terms of the Will.

What happens to my estate if I don't make a Will?

If you die without having made a Will, your estate is distributed according to the laws of Intestacy. These laws include a set list of people who it regards should benefit from your estate, however, the list might not contain the people you had envisaged

It is a common misconception that in the event of your death; everything will pass automatically to your spouse. Only if you have no other close living relatives will this happen. Similarly, if you do not make a Will, complicated legal disputes can arise over the question of "who gets what". Making a Will is the only way to ensure that you decide how your property and possessions are distributed after your death.

Wills and Probate
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